Advanced Cardano NFT Sniping: Dynamic trait floor snipes using CNFT Predator Extension

2 min readMay 5, 2022

In the previous articles we have described how powerful are "floor harpoons" - dynamically adjusted snipes based on % below floor, as well as specific trait snipes - a notification if an NFT with selected traits and below a certain price is listed. Now let's look at how we can combine those for a more powerful trait dynamic trait floor sniping.

We have added trait floors to each trait if you select a "use trait harpoon" option during the snipe start.

Example dynamic trait floor snipes

This will allow you to hunt dynamically for “small”, “medium” and “large” traits of Pitches at Clay Nation” if listed 30% below the current trait floor.
In this example we show the whole collection floor of 388 ADA, then floors for each individual trait:

  • 1199 ADA for "large"
  • 525 ADA for "medium"
  • 388 ADA for "small"

The listing notification will trigger if it will be listed 30% below ANY of the traits, meaning, for example, if a "small" pitch will be listed for (100%-30%)*388ADA=272ADA or less the notification will trigger. Same applies for all other selected traits ("medium" and "large" in this case).

Pink Orca logo

The dynamic trait floor hunts are yet another game changer for sniping, available only for Pink Orca tier.

Happy hunting!🏹




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