Advanced Cardano NFT Sniping: Live Listings on CNFT Jungle

2 min readAug 6, 2022

This guide is to help navigate the new feature on for your sniping and trading advantage.

Each collection page on now has a "Live Listings" box

Live listings preview

Here you will see all the new listings close to realtime based on your CNFT Predator Sniping Tier. You can subscribe here:

The listings delay for tiers are the following:
- Orca: 0 seconds
- Apex and Yummi: 3seconds
- Hunt: 5 seconds
- No subscription: 7 seconds

The selected trait filters from the left sidebar will also apply for the live listings feed, that way you can filter new listings by specific traits or their combinations.

Example of selected traits for Mallard Order collection

In the above image case, the new listings will be for "angel wings" back OR "zombie" beak, in case the intersection search is used it would be "angel wings" back AND "zombie" beak combined.

Asset modal example

You are also see the new listing asset details in the asset modal with trait floors highlighted based on the difference between the listing price and the trait floor price so you can visually see if it's a good deal or not. You can also buy directly live listings through jungle.

If you have any questions for it feel free to DM us on Twitter or Discord. For more info about extension features and pricing check the table at

Happy hunting!🏹




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