DexHunter Lite Paper

4 min readJul 22, 2023


We are thrilled to share the initial litepaper of our revamped and rebranded Jungle platform. This post will outline the vision of DexHunter, a platform for real-time market alerts, DEX aggregation, and NFT sniping.

1. What is DexHunter?

DexHunter aims to combine multiple advanced tools to simplify and enhance user experience. We integrate real-time alerts, DEX aggregation, and an NFT sniping platform to empower users to make informed decisions and execute optimal trades. This provides a comprehensive solution for users, making trading quicker, easier, and more profitable.

2. Inspiration

In the rapidly evolving world of crypto, being informed about market movements is crucial. However, the current landscape is fragmented, complex, and overwhelming for many traders.

Ripple’s (XRP) recent value increase after winning in the SEC case is a great example of why it’s beneficial to know market trends early on. The sooner you’re aware, the more money you could make. Following Twitter accounts about cryptocurrency is one way to stay informed, but you might miss out on key updates.

Instead, keeping an eye on unusual market activity can be more timely. For instance, a big increase in Ripple’s hourly trading volume could be a quicker sign than catching up on the news. Spotting these changes in activity is crucial for successful trading, especially in fast-growing markets.

3. Platform Features

The main objective of DexHunter is to allow access to critical trading information and services. We aim to:

  1. Provide real-time alerts on significant market movements, including whale transactions, unusual volumes, and price shifts for tokens and NFTs.
  2. Enable smooth actions on alerts through our integrated DEX aggregator and NFT sniping platform.
  3. Increase user profitability by offering superior trades via our DEX aggregator and quick purchase of NFTs.
  4. Create a robust community around our native HUNT token and platform services.

4. Team

DexHunter is the expansion of Jungle Analytics and Predator Sniping Platform brought to life by experienced Cardano builders and known developers in the space.

We have experience in building both real-time analytical tools and handling complex blockchain operations.

5. Roadmap

Approximate launch times for the core platform are as follows:

Q3 2023:

  • Launch of the initial platform interface
  • Launch of a real-time alert system for native tokens
  • Launch of a real-time alert system for NFTs
  • Integration of Predator NFT sniping platform

Q4 2023:

  • Integration of the DEX aggregator
  • Auto-Sniper launch


HUNT token is the centerpiece of the DexHunter platform, enabling users to participate fully in our ecosystem. The utility of the HUNT token will include, but is not limited to:

  1. Discounts on Swaps: HUNT token holders will receive discounts on trade swap fees through our DEX aggregator.
  2. Rewards from Auto-Sniper via Token Buybacks: A portion of the profits generated by the auto-sniper service will be used to buy back HUNT tokens from the open market. This mechanism not only brings additional value to HUNT token holders but also contributes to the overall token value through buy pressure and reduced supply in the market.
  3. Discounts on NFT Quick Snipe Fees: Users holding HUNT tokens will enjoy reduced fees when using the NFT sniping services.
  4. Premium platform features: Holding a certain amount of tokens will give access to premium website features like unlimited alerts, no delay alerts, etc.

Through these utilities, the HUNT token is set to play a critical role in the DexHunter platform, aligning the interests of the platform with the token holders and creating a thriving ecosystem centered around the HUNT token.

7. Tokenomics

HUNT, the native token of the DexHunter platform, is designed with a fixed supply of 100 million HUNT tokens.

Please refer to the tokenomics article for more information.

8. Final Thoughts

DexHunter is a comprehensive solution that helps individuals to navigate the everchanging crypto market quicker and get an edge. By combining real-time alerts and optimized trading tools we aim to create a one-in-all solution for catching short-term market movements as well as making daily trading and trend tracking effortless.

Let the hunt begin.




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