DexHunter Nodes and Trading

2 min readSep 28, 2023


Learn what are nodes at a high level and how DexHunter tries to level out the playing field and improve your trading and transacting experience!

Blockchain transactions traditionally go through one node which then sends it to the blockchain. This often poses a bottleneck, especially under high transactional load, causing delays and inefficiencies. Enter the concept of node levels, which amplifies the number of nodes that your transaction can directly connect with. Simply put, the more nodes involved, the quicker and more smoothly your transaction sails into the blockchain. Why? It’s due to the efficient distribution of your transaction into multiple mempools when there’s increased activity.

User and Multiple nodes

At the core of this innovation is our custom-made transaction submit API. Unlike regular transaction APIs that send your transaction to just one node, ours distributes it across multiple nodes. Imagine the difference between sending a message to a single person who then relays it to a group, versus sending that message directly to several members of the group simultaneously. In blockchain terms, this significantly eases the journey of your transaction from initiation to its destination on the blockchain.

HUNT Amount for each Node Level

It’s not just about quantity, though; it’s about quality and strategic partnerships. We leverage a mix of our own nodes, fine-tuned with a special topology for optimized performance, combined with numerous partner SPO nodes. The best part? The influence is in your hands.

The amount of HUNT tokens you hold, or if you choose to delegate to our partner SPOs, determines the number of nodes our transaction submit API utilizes for your transactions. A perfect blend of technology and collaboration that ensures your blockchain dealings are nothing short of seamless.

DexHunter SPO partners

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