NFT Sniping With Jungle's Predator Platform Updated Guide

4 min readSep 11, 2022


Quick new setup guide:

  • Download our sniping extension from Chrome Store here.
  • Go to and make sure you are connected with a wallet that holds the lifetime NFT or the wallet that had been whitelisted for testing.
  • You are all set! Now read about cool things you can do with the sniping app below!

Auto-sniping setup:

  • Auto-buy is available via a custom wallet that is a copy of a popular open-source Nami wallet ( with augmented Predator infrastructure for auto-signing transactions without user input. Find the link to it in the #official-links channel in our discord.
  • The new wallet should work with the sniping platform out of the box, after installation and setup it does act as a regular wallet, however, we did block any outside connectivity so it can’t be used with dapps.
  • To install the new wallet download the file which contains the wallet contents, and go to Manage Extensions in browser settings, make sure you have "Developer mode" turned on, then click "Load unpacked" and load the whole folder you had just unzipped.
Unpacking the wallet
  • Setup your wallet as usual and enjoy the auto-buy.

Our sniping extension and web app had been around for 1 year now and it had constantly been updated and changed, a year ago we did start with a simple price sniping, and over time we added:

  • Rarity snipes
  • Trait snipes
  • Dynamic floor snipes
  • Trait Value snipes
  • Reward Snipes
  • Dynamic trait floor snipes
  • Name, regex, serial number, and asset id snipes
  • And more

But what if we could.. combine all of them?

With one simple change, we are introducing one snipe to rule them all: Rule Snipe.

Rule Snipe takes every parameter and checks them individually to determine whether a new listing fits the rules.

Here is an example of a hunt that has "Match Traits", "Min. Price" and "Collection" rules set up:

Example of new hunt display

There are at the moment 20 available rules to choose from: ‘Min. Price’, ‘Max. Price’, ‘Specific Name’, ‘Match Regular Expression’, ‘Specific Asset Serial’, ‘Specific Asset Hex ID’, ‘Min. Rarity’, ‘Max. Rarity’, ‘Rarity Rank Source’, ‘Match Traits’, ‘Use Quick Snipe’, ‘Dynamic Floor Percentage’, ‘Min. Rewards’, ‘Max. Rewards’, ‘Min. Trait Value’, ‘Max. Trait Value’, ‘Dynamic Trait Floor Percentage’, ‘Use Absolute Percentage’, ‘Use AND Trait Logic’.

Most are self-explanatory, however, a couple of them would require a bit of in-depth future guides.

The hunt creation has also been also changed to allow for rule multiple rule selections:

Rule selection example

After a rule selection you set the rule details:

Rule details example

After you can either add more rules or start the hunt, once the hunt is started there are 4 more hunt actions you can do: "Pause", "Remove", "Duplicate", and "Edit".

  • Pause temporary pauses the hunt and new listings won't ping for it
  • Remove permanently deletes this hunt from the alert list
  • Duplicate allows you to copy the hunt rules to create a new similar hunt
  • Edit allows you to change the hunt rules without recreating it
Snipe settings example

Snipe Settings did receive a minor visual update but basically stayed the same.

  • Opening the snipe tab on success opens a snipe page where we give the user augmented snipe info and trait floors difference as well as create the buy transaction for the user.
Snipe page example
  • Stop Hunt on Success will pause the hunt until you turn it back on if it hits a new listing
  • Enable sound turns on the little ping sound we have on each successful hunt
  • Snipe Wallet allows you to choose which wallet to use for building the buy transaction.

Over the year our product had received many changes and the community had grown which lead us to have our own set of commonly used words to describe features, here’s a small list of them to not get lost in translation:

  • Hunt — a user-created background alert (similar to the term snipe)
  • Dynamic — something automatically adjusted.
  • Concurrent Hunts — the number of background alerts you can have running at the same time.

This update will bring our users complete freedom in their hunt creation and combining rules as well as enable very powerful rule combos to snipe precisely what they are looking for.

Happy hunting!




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